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Zodiac's Mario Andretti

Levi's first born Mario was a big hit at the Iowa Cluster of shows, fall of 2020. 4 first place and one second place, pretty good for his first show at barely 6 months old.  

​Spring of 2021 he acquired more ribbons at the Futurity and Illinois shows.  Check out his page on Openherd.  

His babies are hitting the ground in 2023.   First 2 babies, Gray and Black 

We have Many great herdsires in all colors and bloodlines.   

Zodiac's Leviticus - aka "Levi"

Look at this handsome boy, he was such a surprise when he was born, exactly Half Gray and Half Black. 

Levi is a unique male alpaca born in 2017 from Frango (gray Casanova son) and Black Widow (true black).  He has serviced his first girls in 2019 and has been producing  colorful black and gray babies.  

He has two types of fleece, his gray fleece is very fine with a high amplitude crimp.  His black fleece is also very soft, but has a wider bolder crimp style.

He has his first offspring on the ground, his first born Mario, took 4 First Place Ribbons and 1 Second Place in his first show at 6 months old

To date, he has sired 8 offspring, 6 grays, and 2 Dark (Bay Black and Dk Brown)

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Alpacas at Zodiac Ranch

in Milford MI


Alpacas are the hottest new livestock hitting the market today. You may have seen TV ads about the virtues of raising these unique creatures.

Alpacas come from the Andes mountains of South America and have been domesticated by the native people there for generations.

Alpacas are similar to Llamas, (and are also in the same family as Camels), but are smaller and easier to handle than the Llama. They are raised for their beautiful fleece which occurs in 22 natural shades.

We have been breeders of alpacas since 2002, and have established one of the largest herds in Michigan.  You can feel confident that you will be helped every step of the way, in developing your own alpaca herd, from our extensive experience in the industry. 

Each year, we plan our breedings with the utmost care, to produce the best possible offspring.  You will have a large selection of bloodlines to choose from, whether you are looking for fiber animals or an elite show group.

Come for a visit and we can show you how you can become involved in this new lifestyle.
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