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$12.00 per attendee/ dog team, only 5 working spots per one hour session for Intro & Novice. If bringing a second dog, sign up for a second one hour session. You can work more than one dog, in a one hour session. Each dog takes a turn in the training area, so you can set up your crates for your second dog, and swap them around while someone else is taking their turn. Classes take place in our unheated barn, so dress for the weather. If you are new to Barn Hunt, you can sign up for back to back sessions 1 & 2. If you have attended a workshop or training session 1 previously, you may go straight to Session 2.

or email linda@zodiacranch.com to request a mail- in form to pay by check.  

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We have an exciting list of Barn Hunt Trials coming up in 2018  


May 4-6, 2018 Zodiac Ranch, Milford MI

May 27-28- Dog Bowl - Frankenmuth

(Not a trial, beginner lessons throughout the weekend)

June 15-17, 2018 UKC Premier, Kalamazoo, MI

July 6-8, 2018 Monroe MI

Aug 3-5, 2018 Marshall MI

Sept. 28-30, 2018 Monroe MI

Oct 12-14, 2018. Zodiac Ranch, Milford MI

Barn Hunt




At Zodiac Ranch

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Barn hunt is an exciting new dog sport where dogs use their vermin hunting instincts to search through a course of straw bales and signal their owner when a rat target is found.  Rats are encased in a secure tube and are not harmed in any way.


These training sessions are geared to introducing you and your dog to the exciting new sport of Barn Hunt.

Training session #1- Intro to Barn Hunting - If your dog is new to Barn Hunt, this is where you need to start.  You will introduce your dog to the rat, tunnels and climbing on bales.

Training Session 2- Instinct and Novice Training - Build on your skills learned in the Intro class, and teach your dog how to work and search for the hidden rat in a course of straw bales.  This class is for dogs that are working on their basic Barn Hunt skills,looking for one rat, and tunnels and climbs.

Training Session 3 - Open Training- As dogs progress in their skills, they need to learn to search for two rats at a time and do more complex tunnels and climbs.     Price is $15.00

Class size will be kept small so the dogs will get plenty of practice time, The safety of the dogs, rats and handlers are of paramount importance.  All breeds and mixed breeds are welcome. 

Sign up now for the following sessions,  At my new website www.GetActiveK9.com

 Price is $15.00 for 25 min individual session, $30 per hour for multiple dogs.