How Zodiac Ranch Can Help You

How you can start into alpacas if you don't have your own farm

Boarding & Agistment

Ready to  start into alpacas but don't have your own property?   We can board your alpaca for $100.00 month for alpaca boarding and agistment which includes normal Veterinary care, grain as needed, Free choice minerals, hay, water, and tender loving care. Crias at the dams side are charged after weaning. All alpacas are weighed monthly and penned accordingly.  If you have a larger number of alpacas, we can adjust the board amount accordingly.  


Fiber Classes and Seminars scheduled occasionally.  Learn what you can do with your extra fiber.  Check out videos of various felting projects at my sister's website, 

Cria Shearing is available. 


Short range transportation.  We often are taking our alpacas here and there, and can offer your alpaca a ride.

Stud services available to our quality males, Alpacas and Buhunds.

Herdsire listings:




New Microchip services for your puppies - call for details

Linda at 248-202-0178


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